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INDEPENDENCE, Ohio, August 8 — Working Americans are facing numerous challenges. Despite top line economic numbers that may look favorable, many workers’ paychecks are not growing. Add to that concerns surrounding pensions and health care benefits, and uncertainty looms for the U.S. middle class.

That’s why the 2020 election is so very important for the BLET and all Teamsters. The Teamsters and BLET are committed to making our presence known and demanding that presidential candidates make commitments on issues that are important to our membership. That starts with input from BLET and Teamster members.

“The Teamsters want to hear from members about what their top issues and concerns are as the nation prepares for this pivotal election,” Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa said. “This union will be putting on a full-court press to demand that any candidate for president listen to our members and address our concerns. The Teamster 2020 survey is an important step as we hear directly from our members on what issues they’ll be voting on.”

BLET National President Dennis R. Pierce encouraged all BLET members to go to www.Teamsters2020.com and fill out the survey to let union leaders know what their thoughts are going into the 2020 election.

All BLET members are a part of this process, and we should all participate in this first step of the election process,” President Pierce said. “The 2020 Presidential Election is right around the corner and it’s more important than ever that we elect people who support workers and our families.”

Together, Teamster Brothers and Sisters can ensure that this great union plays a critical role in electing a president that will truly stand with our members and the nation’s workers.